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Just A Little Help Can Make Their Hearts Happier.

We are a large group of compassionate frontline Health Care Professionals who stand together for medical privacy and bodily autonomy. We advocate for the right of workers to make their own medical decisions, without being subjected to suspension or termination.  We stand in defence of patient care, against mandates and measures that have the potential to lead to the system’s collapse. 

United Health Care Workers of BC is a newly registered not-for-profit society in the Province of British Columbia. We are vaccinated and unvaccinated, union and non-union, management and staff, new employees and veteran professionals, currently active as well as retired.

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Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.

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We are health care professionals and volunteers. We are not lawyers and are not providing legal or medical advice. We exist because we want to help our fellow health care workers understand their legal rights. We are stronger together and are dedicated to defending the rights and freedoms of all.