FAQ – ClassAction

Frequently Ask Questions

Together We Take A Stand!

Any unionized health care worker who was employed at the time of and affected by the Acute Care PHO Order issued on Oct 14th 2021, or the Residential Care order issued on October 8th 2021

As long as you were hired at the time that the order came out and affected by the order, you can join. So, if you retired before the PHO order was issued, you can not join. 

If you were not affected by the order, you can not join

We are seeking General damages for Inducement of Breach of Contract, General damages for Misfeasance in Public Office , Aggravated damages, Punitive damages, and special costs. An exact amount is not named in the claim yet.

There is no deadline set at this time.

Meetings with the class, meetings with Lawyer, webinars, all updates from society etc.

Only important updates that will go out to the class (newsletters, emails etc).

Let us be clear: you are not paying to join the class action. In fact, if you fit the parameters of the class action, you will be provided the opportunity to opt-in to the class action suit once the class is certified by the courts without paying any fees.

What you are paying for is a Membership with United Health Care Workers of BC. Being a Member provides all kinds of benefits, including but not limited to, access to privileged information regarding legal action, monthly meeting updates, access to supports within the membership community and the Hardship Fund.

The fee to become a Member is to assist with raising funds for our initial legal costs. The most imperative step in our legal battle is to ensure our class is certified. In order to do that, we must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the Courts that we have the competence to see this though to the end; meaning, we have the financial ability to fund this case.

Expert witnesses, administrative fees and carrying costs all require funds. If we don’t have the ability to clearly demonstrate that we can cover these costs we will not be taken seriously in court and our class action will never be certified, leaving us with few options of legal recourse.