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Together We Take A Stand!


As BC Health Care Workers, our unions, Health Sciences Association of BC (HSA) and Hospital Employees Union (HEU), have failed to represent us by being complicit in the rollout of the proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate imposed by our employers.

We are taking legal action against our unions, and others involved in these discriminatory mandates. United Health Care Workers of BC (UHCWBC) is represented by attorney Umar Sheikh, the former CEO of the BC Nurses’ Union. 

UHCWBC is leading a multi-faceted legal and public relations strategy to seek restitution for our members, including, but not limited to:

  • reinstatement, back-pay and damages for employees terminated;
  • severance, back-pay and damages for employees terminated who cannot or do not want to return to work because of the discrimination and stigmatization they have suffered;
  • a remedy for employees who have felt compelled to retire early because of the proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate and have had their pensions reduced; and
  • a remedy for employees who have felt compelled to comply with the proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Registration is Open to HSA and HEU Members 

To become a registered participant in our legal action, a $200 donation to the UHCWBC legal action fund is suggested. Our society also has a $25 yearly fee that will be used to cover Society costs. Registered participants will have their names included on any and all collective legal and labour relations actions that UHCWBC carries forward on behalf of HSA/HEU members and will receive updates on those actions. Your name will be on legal documents.

Note: HSA/HEU members who are currently on leave (e.g. sick leave, maternity, etc.) may still register and participate in this action.

Please send us an email if your registration name doesn’t match the name on your credit card, so we can match up members with their donation. Also, please contact us if you would like to send your donation in a different format (ie e-transfer).

To Register, Click Here >>>

Members Unable to Donate $300

We acknowledge that each and everyone of us are affected in so many ways and a lot of us struggles financially because of the mandates. We would like to let you know that we are here for you all the way and encourage you to support the cause. If you are currently having financial difficulty to enable you to donate for the legal fees, please contact us at:

Donations Over $300

Amounts received in excess of the $300 minimum donation will help support another affected member without the financial means to participate in this action. Any amount you are able to donate over $300 is helpful!

To make a contribution greater than $300, click here >>>


Donors Who are not HSA/HEU members

Please note we welcome any and all donors who want to support our legal action.  Know that your generous contribution is going toward an HSA/HEU member who has suffered because of this mandate.

To make a donation, click here >>>